Обо мне

Hello! I am Helene. 
Since childhood I have been doing various kinds of needlework.
My major regret is that a day is only 24 hours long, and that a human has got only two arms  :)
A Two years ago I started to do felting


This activity is a kind of magic indeed. You approach a stretch of a fluffy and imponderable wool roll, you work a series of manual movements, mysterious as they appear, and – voila! – a miracle is born, all colorful, soft, and worm! The hard mental and physical toil and the intense work concentration vanish away - you just forget of them while you look at the outcome of your labor – an item tender and softish, with glittering threads of silk, all enthralling with cuteness!


More information can be found here -> My Felting

Apart from wool work, I do some other things. I produce beautiful decorations made of polymeric clay, which are altogether radiant and indigenously unique, and they can fit any garment you select, be it casual gear, a business suit, or an evening dress. Polymeric clay is an omnipotent material that permits realization of most brave fantasizing.
More information can be found here -> My Necklace

From time to time, I also make festive cakes; I decorate them with floral elements, etc. made of sugar. For that, I use the skills and techniques learned from clay work.


Very recently, I have fulfilled my long standing dream – I assembled a doll house! I have been constructing it all by myself from scratch. It’s almost complete now. I’m presently decorating the tiny rooms in there. I derive joy and satisfaction from this work aplenty, although working with miniatures is not easy. Never mind, we aren’t here to aspire for easy ways, are we? :)


And another new hobby - flowers of the Thai clay, "cold porcelain"
Dandelions - the first flowers of this series, but it sure did not last :)
the second  photos - I have made, together with the present.


I love my hobby!
I very much want in a day was 24 hours. Or 48 - all have time :)
With love -

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